Finding Airport Wifi Is Now Easier

Whether you’re waiting for your first flight of the day or trying to kill time during a layover, finding working wifi in an airport is always “fun”.

Even if you have lounge access they aren’t always convenient to the gate. While some airports now offer usable free wifi, a lot still don’t. They might have a free wifi offering, but it’ll be slow and unusable.

Enter WiFox.

WiFox is both an app for mobile (both iOS and Android versions are available) and an online map of pretty much every wifi option in every airport in the world.

It’s not 100% complete, but you can suggest updates via the app.

For each airport it’ll list all the wifi hotspots it knows about and whether there are passwords required or not. Here’s the listing for Dublin Airport:


The app is available for a couple of Euro for iOS, so it’s well worth the nominal investment.

I plan to suggest a few updates as I travel to some of the airports that it hasn’t got any listing for yet!


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