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I’m not a suit and tie sort of guy. But I have to wear a suit and tie for some meetings and events. It’s impossible to avoid entirely, unless you’re some kind of business “rock star”, which I definitely am not.

I have a couple of garment carriers that do a very good job of protecting suits and shirts from creases etc., when I’m in transit. But if you need to travel light and don’t have a garment bag it is possible to fold a suit in such a way that it can come out the far side relatively unscathed. This video from Business Insider is helpful, though the guy demonstrating it is way more skilful at folding than I am!

Do you have any tips on how you pack your business attire to avoid creases etc?


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  1. Reg 26th Oct 2015 at 11:48 pm #

    I got Alex this years ago (I definitely use it way more than he does) and it suggests a completely different way of folding that involves turning half of it inside out. This is what I do with both my suit jackets and his when we travel together. It definitely works—but I think the main point is to make sure there’s no room for it to move (that is, make sure your suitcase is packed!), since rustling around—especially left to the tender mercies of baggage handlers—will result in wrinkles no matter how well-folded it is.

    There’s also a bit about putting the pants into the jacket (so that the creases are less pronounced and the pants don’t get lost).

    Finally, unpack as soon as you can and hang your suit jacket. Keep it in the bathroom when you shower, so that the steam loosens the creases.

    • Michele Neylon 27th Oct 2015 at 12:54 am #

      Thanks – I’ll look into that book. You can never have too many books 🙂

      The steam trick works very well – I managed to convert a very crumpled jacket into something wearable in my hotel room recently

      Thanks for your comment


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