The Kind Of People Frequent Travellers Dislike Meeting At Airports

If you travel frequently you know how to navigate the airport quickly. You know how to deal with certain common situations and you can find it quite frustrating when you run into people who can’t.

Travel site “Just The Flight” surveyed their users and came up with a list of the 21 types of people that we all dislike meeting at the airport.

So what kind of people do we all dislike / hate at the airport?

According to the survey they are:

  • People who are late – and then expect to be able to jump the queues
  • Passport losers – when you’re waiting in line and they spend aeons fumbling for their passport in their pockets, bags etc
  • “the joker” – because joking about security in an airport is such a “good” idea
  • Seat hogs – taking up multiple seats in the waiting area
  • People who don’t understand how airport security works – they always seem to be shocked that their big metal objects are causing

There are, of course, a bunch of others which you can see in the list below.

Here’s the list in graphic form:



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