Would You Pay $50 For A Travel Pillow?

I’ve backed a wide variety of projects on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo over the last few years. Some of them solve a problem or have an interesting angle in how they address something.

While some of the projects are very good value, others, however, are questionable.

Today’s example is one for a travel pillow.

If you go onto Amazon you’ll find a wide range of travel pillows that vary in price from around £10 up to £20. Anything above £20 is uncommon.

The Bullrest travel pillow looks very nice and I’d love to get one, but forking out USD$54 + shipping makes it more than triple the price of standard travel pillow.

Yes, it’s a very slick design and it’s probably more comfortable than many of the existing products on the market.

But is it worth paying 300% of the standard price?

Here’s their promotional video that explains why they think you should pay a premium for it:

If you’re willing to pay the premium for getting a new product then maybe you should, but otherwise you could wait and see if the final retail price will be as high.

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